Big News!

The mission of Premier Event Rentals Ltd. is to provide a professional, reliable, safe, and convenient listing service for home owners who wish to rent their home for the Kentucky Derby or the Augusta Masters. The business model has changed, but the same great list of homes remains!


Though our previous website did the work in regard to listing and displaying properties, taking online payments for desposits and balances, generating a short-term agreement between home owner and renter, the Kentucky Real Estate Commission has determined that our business is somehow threatening the esteemed real estate professional community. Seems if you think up something and do it yourself you are somehow at a loss to the folks who send you chintzy magnet calendars and are typically an impediment otherwise smooth business transactions. Apparently, since the site helped a home owner list and rent their personal property without a realtor involved we were breaking the law. So, instead of clogging up our works by hiring one of these elite class of professionals, we changed our model to purely a listing service.

What is changing?

This site has been re-written to a newer and more user-friendly technology (this was going to happen anyway) that will allow an individual to list and describe their home with text and photos. Our high search ranking means these homes will be found easily on the web by persons wishing to rent a home for the Derby. After the potential renter sees a home they like, they have to register to gain access to the owner's contact information. The renter may even make a deposit at this time that holds the property for them. This money goes directly to the home owner. From there, the owner and renter work out all of the particulars, amazingly without the assistance of a real estate professional. Our only fees will derive from the annual listing on the website.

What is next?

Stay tuned...the new website will be up shortly!

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